Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Top 10 "Yep, this is Thailand" Experiences This Week

1. Found a lizard climbing our upstairs bathroom wall the first night.
2. Passed a motorscooter at 35mph with 2 year old in front of a dad, 3 year old clinging on in back.

3. We've been paying $6 or $7 for our whole family for Thai dinners!
4. Motorscooters driving at us in our lane in the WRONG direction if it's convenient for them.
5. We take our shoes off outside houses - - to give honor to the helper who cleans the floor.
6. I made the terrible mistake in public tonight of stopping a rolling coin with my foot (has the King's picture on it). I didn't dare look up to see who might have witnessed.
7. Peering out our back window to see the first foothills of the Himalayas, leading eventually to Mt. Everest.
8. Looking out into forest which has pythons that can be 13-14 feet long.
9. While Evan was trying to kill a fly during dinner, he was told to stop. Thais don't kill bugs due to reincarnation.
10. Two doctor visits and 6 medications for Evan and Kendall's bronchitis: $60