Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

After 7 weeks of settling in to our new surroundings in Chiang Mai, we are ready for school to begin on Wednesday!

Here is an update on everyone:

Tom -- He now has laser-focus on his number one goal for the year: encouraging and supporting Grace students, teachers and families in both academics and spiritual growth (i.e. Heb. 3:13). He also can't wait for his razor cord to arrive from the States!

Robin -- She will attend a celebration party on Wednesday with other moms sending their kids (and husbands, in some cases) to school. New experience! The home is now running fairly smoothly and she is driving pretty much everywhere. She is waiting patiently for the Lord to show her how best to use her time this year. Many opportunities....

Evan -- A little anxious about starting school, but mostly excited. Keeps asking, "I have another dumb question. How will I know when it's time to, or how to get to....?" We keep reassuring him that everyone there will be really helpful. He already has very nice friends. We are thrilled with the Core teacher he has been assigned. The new violin and piano teachers are working out very well. We are anticipating a great year for Evan.

Kristen -- Found out that her best friend here, also a new student, will be in her 6th grade class. She has created a schedule for when to where what color uniform shirt (there are five). I hate to break it to her that laundry issues MIGHT get in the way. Her bronchitis is slowly going away, we are prayerful that by the time basketball practice starts next Monday, she won't really be coughing any more. The 6th grade classes will be meeting in the squash courts for the first few weeks of school while a building is being finished.

Kendall -- Found out that HIS best friend here (Kristen's best friend's brother) is NOT in his class, but he's taking it very well. 4th grade will be meeting in rooms above the coffee shop across the street for the first few weeks for the same reason above. He is very excited about visiting the library and the computer lab -- and riding his bike to school every day.

Please pray for a good first week of school -- for all of us. God has been so good to us this summer. It has been a sweet time for our family. Now the fun really begins! We have had some evangelism opportunities as well, some with potential to develop over time. Thanks for your support and prayers!